Issue 1

Section 1 - What’s Hot and what’s not

If you don’t want to make a complete pratt of yourself in the fashion stakes, junk that Next cardie and take a look at this wicked round up of London Fashion Week. Be warned moon boots are back with a vengeance and still as dangerous to your health as ever.

The Me company are they great ? you betcha, from Carl Cox to Ricky Tics

New rock band Small Town Heroes are going hi-tech and on tour.

Competition time - Win a crate of beer, hurry before we drink it all

Section 2 - Club and music reviews - Get yer rocks off

Get updated fast with the UK’s first in depth nationwide round-up of the thriving dance scene. We check out the latest dance singles and albums. Shake your little sockies off to this one guys. Plus things are bumping and grinding down on Cardiff’s club scene maties. So no more jokes about leeks and sheep please.

Independant Record Reviews - For all you Fall fans out there and we know there are hundreds .............. here’s a review of their latest album Cerrebral Caustic.Wolfgang Press are thumping their way into the hearts and minds of the British nation. Check out their latest album here. Plus a round up of indie singles reviews to get your teeth into

Live and dangerous, My life story tell it like it is, plus no mag would be complete without a piece on Oasis and we’re no different mateys, but we see them in San Francisco and just to be different we get two people to review them.

Section 3 - Wow it’s like culture man

Books - Bathtime Frolics

If you haven’t dipped into the a book for a while, catch up on one of these, fill the bath, light some candles and indulge, or just get the book wet. Michael Bracewell’s Saint Rachel takes a look at that wonder drug, or horror vehicle, depending on your leaning - Prozac. Frank Ronan’s Dixie Chicken a hippy dippy comic tragedy set in Dublin. Usual round of obsessions, sinning, and priests, not necessarily in that order. Ethan Canin, The Palace Thief : made up of four novellas that contain more than a few suprises.

Film - Stone me, if it ain’t that Quentin.

The highly controversial movie the Priest is out, but is it really that shocking? we defrock a priest, and see what lies beneath

Claude’s back and this time he’s pretty pissed off, in Street Fighter, but who’s that with him ? Could it be Kylie “I should be so lucky” Minogue ?

Crinoline city, they’re small and their female yes it’s Louisa’s Little Women and it stars nonnie, can our lovely Winona can sell this sickly meringue classic find out now.

The movie ‘I Love a Man in Uniform ‘ is out and is apparently nothing like its title, what no uniforms ?

And finally if you haven’t seen it then you must be blind. We check out Natural Born Killers and ask the question everyone was afraid to ask, Stone my man WHY did you BOTHER ?

Art - I know what I like !

If you’re in one of those Morrisey lock yourself in your bedroom moods go see the work of artist Odilon Reddon.

We take an overview of the controversial artist Willem de Kooning, whose work now graces the White House. Guess it proves the Clintons have a spot of taste! See his perspective in London now.

If you’re in the big apple over the next few months don’t miss out on the Edward Thorp gallery in trend-setting Soho. You might get a glimpse of Uma Thurman into the bargain.

Theatre anyone ? oh so it’s just me then

The Hackney Empire might not sound like a setting for the bard’s work. But it was where heartthrob Ralph Fiennes took to the boards to play every actor’s dream role, Hamlet. Next stop Broadway.

Christ it’s poetry

Slammin and jammin hot from the clubs of London, it’s the new Rock n’roll, or is it ?

Section 4 - Tomorrows Stars, today’s Super Nova and yesterdays White Dwarf

An exclusive interview with the band Gretschen Hoffner, whose single Crow in Heels is just about to appear on the shelves. If you’re a slave to the bizarre don’t miss checking this one out. Plus a free prize if you can guess just who Crow in Heels refers to.

TWA have just signed, and are about to make it big, big BIG ........ you read it here first, read all about them and their exotic club Vague.

Snowboarding - We check out the hottest sport in town and ask stupid questions like if it’s so hot how come the snow doesn’t melt ?

Penelope Pittstop. remember her. if you don’t you should. she was a babe ............ go back down the road to the wayout and wacky races here.

Section 5 - Horoscopes, problem pages and those club and gig listings - Send us your listings now !!!!!!

It ain’t Mystic, Meg. Or own Gypsy Rose Lee gets the teapot out and delves into your future, plus Dr Struckof peers into your emotional drawers and asks “where you always like that”, and “has it always been that big”.

The videos from the ads - that no longer work ;-(

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