ThE BrIt AwArDs 96


Those Dulllllll Brit awards in full and a short bit of the not so dull Gallagher tongue

Best Group - Oasis.

Best British Male Solo Artist - Paul Weller.

Best British Female Solo Artist - Annie Lennox

Best British Newcomers - Supergrass

Best International Newcomer - Alanis Morissette.

Best Album - Oasis for (What's The Story) Morning Glory?

Best Single - Take That's Back For Good.

Best Soundtrack - Batman Forever, featuring U2.

Best British Dance Act - Massive Attack.

Best Video - Oasis for Wonderwall.

Best Producer - Brian Eno for David Bowie's Outside and James' Wah Wah.

Best International Male Artist - The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Best International Female Artist - Bjork.

Best International Group - Bon Jovi.

Michael Jackson received one-off Special Artist of a Generation award.

The Freddie Mercury Special Award for charitable work went to the Help album, collected by producer Brian Eno and Radiohead's Thom York.

Outstanding Achievement Award presented to David Bowie.

Best riot - Jarvis Cocker (allegedly!)

During Michael Jackson's act at the Brit Awards two people in the audience climbed on to the stage and one attacked three children, which according to Scotland Yard included one 11-year-old boy being punched, another getting a cut to the ear and a 12-year-old was thrown to the ground.

The best thing about the awards were the brothers Gallagher. On picking up the final award, songwriter Noel Gallagher said: ``There are seven people in this room tonight who are giving a little hope to young people in this country.

He said they were himself, 'Our Kid', the rest of the band and his record company manager, `and Tony Blair', he said. They then did a brilliant piss-take of Blur, singing Parklife. (incidentally they didn't win a single award and our heart bleeds for them)

Other Gallagher fun included Liam asking Michael Hutch for a slap round the face 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough'. Noel aid he had nothing to say 'except for `I am extremely rich and you aren't', and then he added: 'has-beens shouldn't present fucking awards to going-to-bes.'

Noel also called the music execs and journalists who vote for the Brits ``corporate pigs'', and that the ITV Chart Show, award (voted for by the viewers of the programme) was 'special because Anything that's voted for by corporate pigs means nothing.' His only word for Blur was 'Hello?'

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