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Our own Sculley and Mulder mixed up in one Captain W E Paranoia this month investigates Canary Wharf is it really a monument to post modernism, or is it what we all thought ? the centre for mystical worship a pagan totem no less.

In the business of paranoia, as in all areas of extreme importance, if you aren't with us, you're against us. If for one minute, one briefest second you don't doubt that the official version of world events, past and present, is nothing more than a scurrilous pack of lies, designed to mislead confuse and cover the tracks of a cabal of evil plotting schemers bent on nothing less than the enslavement of the whole planet. Then we're sunk, we're lost, they've won. The depth and breadth of their schemes are so unimaginable that to speak the truth about them seems ludicrous. And that's how they keep them hidden, even in broad daylight, they plan it especially so that to attempt to reveal what's really going on will bring you only disbelief scorn and ridicule. But don't stop believing, doubt every one of their plausible, cosy, easy to swallow lies. Because if you don't then they've got you, you silently slip on their invisible manacles, and they can control you in any way they want, whenever they want.


Canary Wharf was built at the height of the eighties boom. Designed originally to be a monument to the success of the Thatcherism it was erected in the newly developed quarters of London's dockland, previously a derelict series of slums and disused buildings on the north bank of the Thames. Rearing high above every other building in the city it was to be the tallest construction in the whole of Europe. A vast complex of offices, businesses and recreational facilities, that would be the jewel in the crown of the new British business empire all under the auspices of beneficent Lady Thatcher.

The monument turned out to be to a victory that never happened however, and as the greed decade crumbled, so too did any chance of Canary Wharf becoming a viable business proposition. Yet inspite of being more than aware of the impending failure of the whole venture construction still went ahead. Millions of pounds of public money have been poured into the project and millions of pound still continue to be, to no seeming purpose or avail as the building still stands virtually derelict. Is Canary Wharf one of the biggest follies of recent history, or does its implacable multi storey facade hide a far more sinister secret.

The answer lies in one of two explanations.


According to the London Psychogeographical Association, Canary Wharf was built very carefully, with hermetical magic purposes in mind. It's not really a building but a large column which supports a crystal pyramid. This small pyramid serves to represent a much larger pyramid which would be formed if the lines at each corner were stretched down to ground level. The southwest corner of this 'virtual pyramid' lies on an ancient and corrupted leyline. The leyline is readily visible from the observatory at Greenwich, it goes through the macabre Queen Anne House, and guided by the symmetry of the Naval College it crosses the Isle of Dogs clipping Canary Wharf's corner before passing exactly through the tower of St Anne's Limehouse. Then it passes directly through the front living room of former BNP councillor Derek Beackon before gong on to Queen Mary and Westfield College.

It was the vast repository of psychic energy to be found in the leyline, that the Elizabethan arch mage Dr John Dee used to bring about the dawn of the British Empire 400 years ago. The use of street names such as Cabot, Chancellor and Churchill clearly show the intention Canary Wharf a powerful totem to resist the revival of German imperialism. Wren's name is used in deference to the architect who organised the building of the Naval College and supervised the erection of St Anne's tower as a giant U-Wave conductor. And to seal the whole grisly pact were a series of human sacrifices during the construction of Canary Wharf passed off as industrial accidents.


In his book Lud Heat, Ian Sinclair points to a secret architecture a careful and deliberate shaping of the face of London according to specific Apollonian principles. The reigning symbol and most powerful monument of Apollonian worship was the Obelisk, this was a pagan totem erected on spots of central power, a geometrical rendering of phallic dominance. The characteristic shape of an Obelisk is a large column with four flat sides topped by small pyramid, sound familiar, exactly Canary Wharf is a classic pyramid.

In the early eighteenth century occultist, and famed architect Nicholas Hawksmoor erected five churches each of which was characterised, as was St Paul's by highly specific pagan architecture. Most especially each of the steeples was fashioned in the shape of an obelisk. These are St Luke's, in Old St, St George's in Bloomsbury, St John's in Horsleydown, George's in the East on Ratcliffe Highway, St Anne's on the Isle of Dogs and Christchurch in Spitalfields. If you mark these locations on any map of Greater London then join each according to the straight lines they form, and the chronological date of their completion you'll have drawn a Pentacle or five pointed star of David. At the centre of which sits St Pauls on the site of the oldest recorded sacred site in Britain, which was, you guessed it, a temple to Apollo. The Pentacle as any hermetic adept will inform you is the single most powerful sigil. Standing at the very tip of the most positive, active and thereby channelling point of the star is the largest Obelisk ever built Canary Wharf. The final conductor necessary to chain and control the psychic energies of the whole of London.

So next time you hear someone complain of how the Tories have torn the soul out of London, perhaps you might inform them of the greater truth of their claim.


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