Marcus interviews the next big thing ! well they say they are so it must be true

David Devant and his spirit wife

I have seen the future and it's David Devant and his spirit wife. So I was drunk, really, really, drunk I admit it but then last time I saw the future it was at a Pulp concert and I was also in an equally inebriated state. And so far my crystal ball has never failed me. I also had one other problem (besides being drunk). I didn't know who I had been shouting and singing at so finding the culprits wasn't going to be easy. But then it came to me in a dream, the spirit of Jarvis Cocker floated down from on high and screamed "ring Charlie for the new kings of pop". So I did. And that's why I ended up in Camden talking to David Devant and his spirit wife.

They've been playing up and down the country for the last year, supporting everybody and building up a huge cult following. They've released one single "Pimlico" which failed miserably, the words novelty single come to mind. But it did pick up single of the week in Melody Maker, and they've signed to Rhythm King (they were due to sign that night).

There are two stories surrounding the development of David Devant and His Spirit Wife. Struggling music hall magician and illusionist David Devant dies tragically in a desperate attempt to raise the spirit of his lamented wife. Only half a century later, Devant discovers the struggling waif like figure of a young singer songwriter and chooses him to be his chosen vessel in an attempt to fulfil his prematurely terminated career. So David Devant and his spirit wife are once again reborn fronted by The Vessel the staggeringly coiffured frontman of the most magical band to emerge from the smoggy labyrinthine streets of London.

The other story is the four members of the band met in Brighton two years ago formed a band and moved to Pimlico in London (Hence the name of the first single).

There are seven people in David Devant but only four of them are in the band. The others are roadies but they're no ordinary roadies. They also look after the extensive visuals and do the odd bit of dancing. The visuals range from wearing £50 notes with the queens head cut-out, to elaborate magic tricks, they played one gig on a boat on the Thames and they managed to make the houses of Parliament disappear.

when I asked them when they're giving up the day jobs they laughed. They're all "dilettantes" i.e. they're all bloody freelance designers (they all have art backgrounds) and only do work when they feel like it.

They're a band that like big stages where they can go wild, small stages mean they have to cut-down on the theatrics, but the songs still shine through. The songs are pure English eccentric, Morrissey/pulp lyrics with Tommy Steele David bowie vocals and early Pulp keyboard sound. A mix (I think you'll agree) that's made in heaven

They have been compared to lots of people and lots of bands Jimmy Hendryx "we threatened to burn them for that" and Menswear "Menswear are in love with the popstar bit" and Pulp. They like Pulp but they don't want to wait quite as long for fame as Pulp "we want to be famous now".

So why do they do it "fame money and girls" is the quick response.

Their next single will be "ginger" they wear carrots on their head when they sing it on stage and are already planning what to wear when they play it on top of the pops.

The first single nearly didn't come out as their first company didn't have the money to press it. The boys blame it's lack of success on Britpop. It's quirkiness was panned by most critics as being too copyist, even though it was recorded a year ago.

We know they're going to be big, so go out and see them now.

"You know fags are banned in Slumberland"

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