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Our own Sculley and Mulder mixed up in one Captain W E Paranoia this month investigates the Aids virus. Did it just happen or was it created in a lab ?.

HIV Particles Infecting a CD4+ T Lymphocyte

My father, Wing Commander Paranoia, used to say 'you can't enslave a free man, you can only kill him.' Information is exactly the same, no attempts at imprisoning, restraining or gagging it will ever succeed. The more draconian the measures, the more hi tech the equipment used to impound it, the more channels will be found for it's dissemination. Let's not forget that the Net itself (probably one of the greatest information liberators we've invented) was created by intelligence and military forces bent on societal repression. Fears are rife through out the cyber community of increasing crackdowns on the information super highway, as the forces that be, like sick evil drooling vultures sharpen their knives and prepare to swoop. Take heart, they are merely sowing further seeds of their own inevitable destruction.

The seed fallen on the barren ground of disinformation this month concerns:



Between January 1979 and October 1980 in the North American cities of New York, San Francisco and LA a strange new disease began manifesting itself in the gay community. At around the same time on two other continents the same disease was discovered amongst the heterosexual populations of Uganda and Brazil. The disease, a virus was unlike any other previously discovered in the history of humanity. It specifically and selectively attacked the T blood cells which are genetically programmed to acts as a frontline defence in the bodies natural immune systems. This meant that not only was the body unable to develop an immunity to the virus itself, it was unable to develop an immunity to even the most innocuous of infections. The victim could and would die of the first illness to which they fell prey. The virus was dubbed HIV and the state an infected victim might develop came to be known a Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or Aids for short.

The discovery caused world wide alarm and research into the origins of the virus pointed to Africa. Aids, we were told originated in a disease common among certain green monkeys, this had spread to the general population and thereby to the rest of the world. In addition Dr Robert Gallo and Dr Max Essex, the two top government Aids experts claimed the virus had been dormant in Africa's population for decades and had only just manifested itself.


Epiodemiological research conducted by J E Carswell would seem to belie this claim. Several generations of sexually active adults, from the elderly to the young were tested in Uganda. In every case the virus could only be found in the most recent generation no trace was found in the elderly Ugandans. If Aid had existed for generations in Africa, were was it. Elsewhere on the continent it was found that before 1986 in South Africa only whites who had come into contact with Americans had contracted the disease it was until then unknown in the black populations. In Central Africa the pygmy population which lived closest to the green monkeys never manifested any signs of the illness. Not only that but it is unknown in biological history for such a complex virus to jump species. Dr Wilber Jordan also points out that with the level of sophistication amongst African Medicine and medical research its insulting to claim they would not have spotted the disease. Dr Jordan also points out that the virus is spread heterosexually in Africa, whilst in the west it attacks selective sections of the populace. A characteristic that is unheard of in naturally occurring viral infections.

So what is the truth, where did the plague suddenly appear from ?



At a Home Appropriations Committee hearing in 1969 the Defence Department's Biological Warfare division requested funds to develop, through gene splicing, a disease which would resist and break down a victim's immune system. Deputy director Dr Donald M MacArthur stated: 'Within the next five to ten years it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro organism which could differ in certain important respects from and known disease carrying organisms, Most important of these is that it might be refractory (unresponsive to treatment) to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.' The funds ($10 million) were subsequently approved and the virus was created. In 1972 the World Health Organisation published a similar statement. 'An attempt should be made to ascertain whether viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune infection, eg, by ... affecting T cell function as opposed to B cell function. The possibility should also be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral anti-gene.' Are any of these descriptions beginning to sound familiar ? It would appear that our killer virus originated not centuries ago in the wilds of Africa but in a Pentagon laboratory less than thirty years ago. But how did it spread to the general populace ?



In 1978 in New York City the US government sponsored a Hepatitis B vaccine study. 10,000 gay men were screened for the study and 1083 were chosen. Those chosen had three important characteristics in common, the average age was 29, they had no record of recurrent poor health or any venereal disease, most were white and well educated. Similar trials soon began in San Francisco and LA. In 1981 the Centre for Disease Control published a report on the first 26 Aids cases. 20 cam from New York, 6 from San Francisco and LA. The average age was 29, most were white, well educated, with no previous cases of venereal disease. In exactly the same time period that HIV manifested itself after the Hepatitis B screenings in New York, the virus manifested itself in Central Africa and Brazil following World Health Organisation sponsored Small Pox vaccinations in the mid 70s. In the case of both countries the spread of the virus can be causally linked to the exact locations that the vaccinations were undertaken and would explain why those two locations have been the centre of the virus' spread on both continents. It is a matter of public record, and well documented by the media that the CIA has used viral and biological warfare on target sectors of the world's population. Most notably in Cuba and El Salvador.

The following information, though widely disseminated in the Eastern Block's press, has been ignored by our media, in spite of the overwhelming evidence which points to one incontrovertible conclusion. Such irresponsible, outrageous and evil behaviour on behalf of a ruling body, should not and cannot be tolerated much longer.

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