rage Issue 5 - Dance reviews

This month we take a look at the cream of the UK and World dance scene with Gareth Lancaster and Marcus Austin. Reviews of

Dave Clark - Red three (Deconstruction)

Drum city arizona, if you like drums high in the mix then you'll love this one. Burble synth runs in the back and occasionally comes to the front, with a sample from one of the old classics. Bloody good, but not as good as Red Two which was a total total classic. This'll probably chart high, it goes down big on the dancefloor wherever you hear it. MA

Maria Carey - fantasy (David Morales on the mix)

I hate this woman, but god if I hadn't have read the label I wouldn't have known it was her, good ol David's done his job perfectly. Much better than her normal pap. It starts of with a re-work of the Tom tom club's Genius of Love chorus, and then mixes in some cool tough grooves, speeding up than slowing down. Wicked floor filler, in a handbag style. MA

Magoo project - Track three

Techno and bloody good. It chugs along, slows down, speeds up, it's got all the tricks but it doesn't sound tacky even though it does sound it's been written by a computer in places. Should really go on the techno scene, but probably nowhere else. MA

Jellybean - Twilight Tone

Yes well no prizes for guessing which sample this has on it. The samples the twilight zone opening track and it's repeated over and over again over another couple of samples which are also played ad-nauseum. This is bloody awful, it's just sounds like it was whacked out in 5 minutes, with about 2 minutes thought. I hate this crap burn down the discos hang the dreaded DJs. MA

Model 500 - Underworld mix

Whoooooopeeee I like this, don't like the Underworld mix that much, it loses a lot of the campness of the full version. But if you like pomp keyboards over a absolutely driving rhytmn then you aren't going to go wrong with this. And unlike Underworlds normal stuff it gets down to the business straight away, good techno trance. MA

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