"Are the stars out tonight/I don't care if it's cloudy or bright" Bu***r that, am I going to win the lottery ? or what ? Our very own Gypsy Rose Leeeeeee foretells your stars for the coming month.


This month sees a major turning point in your life and we are not talking finding a new way to have it over the kitchen table here. They are changes you have consciously been planning for some months and they are about to go live. So get on and give it your best shot, you won't get the chance again.


When you bang the door you bang it harder than most. Unfortunately some people take this as an insult. When Mars and Pluto meet this month the effect is going to be pretty much the same. You'll be shutting some major doors in your life, but keep a few open for those faithful friends who wait when you're mega late turning up for a beer down the local.


Life is sweet as an almond croissant this month, but choices still seem difficult even though you are syrupy all round. But don't panic there will be a cup cake there to hold your hand and stop you panicking because you think it is all too good to be true. Make the most of it, next month might be a savoury one!


Strap yourself in and get ready for a very exciting ride. Yo! after all that hard work you are finally going to get some recognition you seriously material girl. A lucky star is shining over your head and you will soon realise that what fab things materialise are down to destiny. The downer - expect to trip over a few broken hearts on the way.


All those ugly little zits that popped up over the summer are about to return I'm afraid, so don't book in for an audition for the next Bond movie just yet. But don't worry they will soon clear up and you will see life with a very different pair of specs. If you are looking for a lay don't hold your breath - the mistletoe isn't a wonder drug.


You dizzy queen. You don't know what is going on at the moment and you are in no position to work it out. Your energy levels are all of a wobble and your emotions flashing on and off faster than the fairy lights. Take time out, have a lie in and if all else fails hit the Prozac. You might just be together by the festive season.


Crash, bang. Your personal affairs are crashing down around your Stussy baseball cap. You've got yourself in one very big hole, but when you manage to climb out you will find someone that suits you far better and you'll be dusting down that party frock ready for another go. If you think it is a quick in and out in the back seat of a Cortina you are wrong. This one is going to last.


You are set to finally get some real attitude. For ages you've been slowly trucking along and others have been taking advantage of your generous ways. Well now you are about to wake up and get yourself a direction. It is not difficult - you just have to be more focused and realise that buying 20 rounds in the bar doesn't make you friends.


Boy are you giddy at the moment. Your emotions are practically having palpitations. Calm down kid. You are about to trade in one sweetheart for another. It might not be the right move and you will probably regret it big time, but it has to be done. Until you experience it you will always think the sun burns brighter on the other side of the park.


You have finally realised that you are going to have to put down that Colt 45. This is one battle you just ain't going to win. It is a case of pride and sometimes you just have to swallow the bullet. Give in and start building afresh, otherwise you are going to be as burnt out as Mickey Rourke on a very bad hair day.


You are going to spend the next few weeks paying off all those debts that have built up in your latest shop-til-you-drop frenzy. Did you really need that new Prada bag - I think not. So its time to sort out those finances. It won't take as long as you think and you'll stop dreaming about being hatcheted by your bank manager in bed.


You've spent several months now wondering if you've done the right thing. Well, the truth is you've made a pretty big mistake and grand gestures aren't going to change it - neither is attention seeking. You've taken someone extremely important for granted and unless you change your ways and back-pedal fast you'll lose them and that cute Gaultier jacket forever!

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