by Captain W E Paranoia

Well they couldn't gag me, and the truth still refuses to be hidden, so I'm back. Still crossing the border into the forbidden knowledge zone. Making one last mad dash into the no man's land of urban legend. So put aside your preconceptions, forget every half truth and lie you've been brought up to believe as accepted wisdom. Lay down your prejudice, your doubt and credulity and come with me into the realm of hidden truth. Find out what it feels like to be a secret outlaw, an urban pirate harbouring twilight treasures of suppressed information. If you dare.

This month we snatch away the dust sheet of lies covering the untimely demise of one of rock's most enigmatic figures. Consider then the truth about:



On July 3rd 1971 James Douglas Morrison, lead singer of the rock group The Doors, was allegedly found dead in an apartment he had sub leased as a writers studio in Paris. His lover Pamela Courson found his body naked and half submerged in the bath tub. At first she thought "Jim was pretending" noticing that he had recently shaved. Failing to rouse him though, she purportedly called a local French medical examiner Dr Max Vasille to take charge of Morrison's body. Dr Vasille listed the cause of death as "heart failure", and Doors manager Bill Siddons official statement to the press was that "Jim Morrison died of natural causes," and that "the death was peaceful." However Morrison's personal physician Dr Derwin, upon hearing the news, stated to the press that "Jim Morrison was in excellent health before travelling to Paris." Following Morrison's death there was a three day news black out. The blackout effectively prevented Morrison's close friends, family and colleagues from contacting the principals and witnesses and from inspecting the corpse. Only Bill Siddons saw the coffin and decided not to view the corpse. No autopsy was performed on the body as is the custom with unusual or suspect deaths in France. The coffin was then buried in a site that was unmarked for several months, at Pere Lachaise, a national French monument reserved for notable figures of French culture like Honore de Balzac, Moliere and Edith Piaf, but not American rock stars. Upon seeing the grave for the first time Doors drummer John Densmore's first reaction was to blurt out "the grave is too short." Only two people actually saw the corpse, one of those, Pamela, died very soon after, the other, Dr Vasille, declined every single request for an interview and disappeared soon after.


About a year before his death Morrison is reported to have made inquiries about how his death would effect the future of the band both legally and commercially and in terms of sales and press coverage. Previously at the Fillmore in San Francisco he'd suggested pulling "a death stunt" to stir up national press attention. It was there he came up with the anagram name Mr Mojo Risin which he'd use to contact friends after he "split to Africa". Following his death an individual who fitted his description, dressed in Morrison's once trade mark black leather was involved in business transactions involving Morrison's account at the Bank of America in San Francisco, a fact corroborated by official bank statements and more than one employee of the bank. Independent witnesses also attest to having seen a man fitting Morrison's description, calling himself Jim Morrison dressed again in leather, at around the same time hanging out in some of the more sleazy of San Francisco's Gay S&M Bars. Doors Keyboardist Ray Manzareck states, "If there was one guy that would have been capable of staging his own death ...Jim Morrison ... would have been able to pull it off."

Intrigued ? maybe one of the three following explanations might clear things up, or make things even more intriguing.



Morrison is well known to have been deeply involved in occult circles, often moving under the magical names of the Lizard King, Mr Mojo Risin and The Exterminating Angel. Mojo is a specific term relating to the African/Voodoo/Obeah magical traditions, traditions in which Morrison was well known to be involved. According to the teachings of these traditions the soul comprises of several elements including the z'etiole, the gros bon ange and the ti bon ange , all of which survive the corpse after death. Writing in Bam and Mojo Navigator rock writer Greg Shaw has pointed out that the song The End only makes sense when these teachings are taken into consideration. The teachings also state that the ti bon ange can be ensnared and preserved in a specially treated clay pot or canari , if the grave is unmarked and undisturbed for several months. This is what happened to Jim, the canari now remains with a voodoo high priest who runs a legally registered branch of Morrison's company Zeppelin Publishing called 'B of A Company' in Fort Lauderdale, he owns an active passport and IDs under the name James Douglas Morrison.



Writing in the Summer 1991 edition of Mondo 2000 Queen Mu brought to light a medical file that had recently surfaced which confirmed Morrison was suffering from adenoma of the penile urethra, or in layman's terms, cancer of the penis. A condition brought on by repeated cases of gonorrhoea, a condition for which Morrison had been repeatedly treated by medical workers at UCLA. The only known cure for this was amputation of the infected area, i.e.: full castration. Unable to continue recording pop hits as a castratto and face the public ignominy and shame of having lost his penis (a prerequisite for a sex symbol like Jim), Morrison fakes his own death and disappears. The only surviving sexual pleasure left to a castrated male is stimulation of the prostate gland via anal intercourse. All of which explains Morrison's subsequent post death appearances in San Francisco, both at the bank and most especially the gay clubs.



Thomas Lyttle writing in the anthology Secret and Suppressed not only points out Morrison's father, Steven Morrison, was a US Admiral and privy to all kinds of intelligence and counter intelligence information. But he claims to have seen stacks of official correspondence between the CIA the FBI and the aforementioned James Douglas Morrison from the 'B of A Company' regarding many espionage operations, and courtroom transcripts implicating the CIA in covering up Morrison's undercover operations. These include letters to and from CIA Director William Colby and Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. This new Morrison also claims there have always been more than one Jim Morrison. Iggy Pop, a friend of Morrison's is known to have recorded under Jim's name after his death. And banker and close friend of Jagger's Richard Tanguay, a spitting image of Jim, is known to have accompanied The Doors when they toured Europe with The Rolling Stones. He is even known to have stood in for Jim when Jim was too drunk to perform, leaving the audience no wiser. Morrison mk 2 claims the many different Morrison's meet up regularly to work the whole hoax out. The hoax he claims is part of a CIA sociological experiment like Artichoke or MK - ULTRA.

And as regards this months missive, "this is The End ... beautiful friend The End."

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