"Are the stars out tonight/I don't care if it's cloudy or bright" Bu***r that, am I going to win the lottery ? or what ? Our very own Gypsy Rose Leeeeeee foretells your stars for the coming month.


No matter how wild and rebellious you like to think you are by wearing Little Miss Trouble dinky t-shirts, lets face it you loveapproval from mainstream society. As Pluto starts its 14 year walk through your solar 12th house, you'll start to realize you don't want to be air-kissed on both cheeks by a drag queen. Noyou are going to discover a bit of peace and intimacy - rock onthe Dali Lama!


As Pluto leaps out of your 11th house and Uranus opens the dooryou'll realize that all those bitchy squabbles and power-strugglesthat turned you on big time are out. Gone are they days when you craved to get out of bed and jump into that old rat race. Noits time to move on, so get those travel brochures out, raid yourpiggy bank and plan a spring retreat in somewhere peaceful where you won't be judged on the colour of your credit card orthe size rounds you can buy down the local.


With Pluto riding into your mid heaven your whole life is going toturn upside down. Suddenly people will actually want to know you and it ain't going to be easy pushing past the bouncers without being noticed. I'm not saying you are going to take overRobbie's place in Take That. But if Menswear can make it to the'A' list in under a year - then so can you. But beware - you can getRSI from signing too many autographs!


Because your brain moves a lot faster than your body you are coolat seeing what is around the corner, which has kept you out of trouble in the past. Well, look out - it ain't going to be that easythis year. You'll need to on guard at all times if you are going to make it through the next twelve months without a blot on your copy book. My advice - don't holiday in Turkey, call Princess Di on her mobile or befriend Shane MacGowan.


As Pluto makes a b-line for Sagittarius you've got four roads you can go down. You can get some crystals and ponder the true meaning of life over a herbal tea. You can become a total tart and work it out sexually - only remember sex is addictive, but therapists are available. Thirdly you can just go for the cash and become a be-suited city type. Or you can go for the lot, but we'renot sure what kinda trippey chick you'll come out like at the other end.


Considering how many different types are raving around this planet at any one time it is no surprise that you will run into a few challenges on the road to old age. So if you've been a total, partying agnostic, don't be surprised if you suddenly get religion. If you are an Orthodox rabbi don't get crazed if your passion suddenly starts eating pork or peeling a shell-fish. Absolutely anything is possible this month.


You've got to take control - that big time binge has got to stop.If its been prime ribs, rich chocolate mousse or lines of white illegal powder, no is the time to learn the word no and use it.Get that gorgeous body of yours in trim and the world could be that proverbial juicy oyster. If you don't, don't blame us when that scales blows up or your nose falls apart. Cosmetic surgery doesn't come cheap these days.


Ok so you haven't exactly been turning the dates away recently.Well, things are about to change dramatically on the romance front. Suddenly that phone isn't going to stop ringing as you turn into a sex bomb over night. Your biggest problem will be how to fit them all in. Move over Uma Thurman - make the most of it.If things carry on like this you'll have to get Mates to sponsor you!


Anyone who has dated a Virgo will know that they are totally obsessive. They might look calm and organised on the inside and have the neatest bedrooms around. But inside anyone of their brains it is chaos. Well no guys it is finally time to change, stay calm and repeat this mantra every day - 'I will be happy'. Ok, I can't promise it will work, but it will stop those hot sweats.


Sometimes it is really hard to believe that people who really cared for you don't have the decency to return your calls. Now they are suddenly miffed cos its the festive season, you are partying and you haven't got time for them and their out-of-date party gear. Maybe it is time to have a real truth session with them and they will fast admit that they really missed you. Go on dare you !


Up until now you've probably been very happy to truck through life knowing that you can afford a McDonalds and a bottle of Pils if push comes to shove. It might come as a shock, but the next few months will see you sitting down and pondering what power and wealth have to offer. Yep, it is very simple, you are going to turn into a materialist over night. Watch out Prada, you're cash tills are going to be ringing big time when a Scorpio walks in the door.


You are always making social faux-pas like not being able to tell the difference between Nick Cave and Beethoven. Well, one excuse is that you are tone deaf. The other is you are dim. In reality its the fact that you try to tiptoe around peeps without asking who, how or why. Try communicating and you won't make such a fool of yourself in the new year.

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