by Captain W E Paranoia

Careful how you read this, you're probably being watched. Oh yes, the truth cannot escape for long without the powers of oppression taking note of it. Please understand simply reading this column is an act of defiance. As your eyes glide over these words, and your mind takes in these bitter facts you are slowly joining a covert legion of secret bearers of the hidden chalice of truth.Your name is being added to a secret government file on dangerous thinkers, your card is being marked and your number is being taken down. Mark my words, they may know where you live, but they don't know how much you actually know, and there friends, lies our strength. Welcome to the world of the cyber subversive.

This month we peer through the many cracks in the official version of the events of:



On November 18th 1978 Jim Jones, leader of the People's Church, allegedly ordered the mass suicide of his followers at their Jonestown colony in Guyana. Jones was a charismatic evangelist leader whose, sometimes controversial, left wing church attracted many ethnic minorities and the poor and homeless of inner city San Francisco. Following what he dubbed persecution by the press - exposes of beatings and sexual assault - Jones moved his whole 1,100 strong congregation to an isolated part of the Guyanan outback. Many different motives are ascribed to this move, some say they were looking to set up the perfect Christian Socialist Utopia, others that he was seeking a place on Earth where people might survive a nuclear holocaust. Whatever the reason the controversy continued and soon came to the attention of Congressional member Leo Ryan who visited the colony on that fateful day in November. Ryan and his party were brutally gunned down as they were leaving the colony and Jones then supposedly exhorted his followers to commit mass suicide by drinking Kool Aid laced with cyanide. The reportedly voluntary genocide made the headlines all over the world the next day, and the story raged for a full year.


167 survivors returned to the United States, but the final body count made at the colony was only 408 which leaves 525 members of the church unaccounted for. The American authorities supplied two explanations for this. Initially they claimed the Guyanese responsible for the tally could not count, when that didn't wash they explained that many of the bodies were hidden under other bodies and thereby were miscounted. Hiding 525 bodies completely from the view of a team of twenty people, under only 408 bodies must have been an incredible feat.

Top Guyanese pathologist Dr Mootoo was at the scene of the massacre within hours, helping with the body count and identification of victims. He noted none of the customary muscular spasms or rictus that accompanies cyanide poisoning in any of the dead. Many he discovered had actually been shot, while up to 80% of them had fresh needle marks between the shoulder blades. Inspite of proving they were able to move thousands of bodies in less than 48 during the war in Vietnam, the military prevaricated so much with the movement of corpses, that when they returned home, having had all forms of identification removed, only 276 of the 913 who died were in a state to be identified. Friends and family were disallowed any contact and the dead were buried in several unmarked mass graves. Dr Mootoo along with Joe Holsinger, Congressman Ryan's close friend and assistant who spent 2 years researching the incident from first hand evidence and testimony, and many other independent investigators all come to one conclusion. The colonists at Jonestown were brutally murdered and the American authorities along with the Guyanese government helped to cover it up.


Jim Jones' father was an active member of the Ku Klux Klan in southern Indiana where he grew up. Dan Mitrione, later a prominent member of the CIA, was a boyhood friend and the first of his many Central Intelligence contacts. As an adult after staging many right wing revivalist tent shows, featuring bogus faith healing, in 1961 he moved to Brazil and made contact with the Belo Horizonte site of CIA headquarters. He returned from Brazil in 1965 with $10,000 gained from an undisclosed source. He used this money to set up the first People's Church in Ukiah California, he used members to organise voting drives for Nixon and the Republican party and established connections with World Vision an international evangelical organisation that undertook espionage work for, you guessed it, the CIA.

It wasn't until 1974 that he moved to inner city San Francisco and adopted the liberal, left wing stance by which the People's Church is popularly characterised. Up until that point, his activities would suggest an entirely different stance. And while he maintained his socially concerned front mixing with leading members of the American left like Rosalynn Carter and Angela Carter, the stories of exploitation and physical and sexual abuse surrounding his Church became more and more common.

So just exactly who was Jim Jones, what was the colony at Jonestown and what really happened on that tragic day in November. There is really only one chilling explanation.



The site of Jonestown was one of seven possible sites chosen by the Nazis, just before surrendering, for the relocation of Jews. Survivors of the Jonestown massacre, in countless repeated testaments, describe how on first arriving at the colony, the predominantly black members were taken off the plane bound, gagged and sexually segregated. They were forced while there to act as slave labour, working up to eighteen hours a day, kept up all night listening to lectures by Jones and fed a meagre diet of one meal a day consisting of rice or bread and occasionally rancid meat. They were drugged for most of the time they were there and disloyalty was punished by sensory isolation, being buried in an underground box, or torture and regular public displays of rape of the female congregation members. Only a small elite group of whites were fed and treated properly and they kept order and implemented the rules. Doesn't sound too much like the purported Socialist Utopia does it. Infact it sounds exactly like it what it was, a latter day concentration camp.

Jonestown was an experiment, part of the 30 year plan called MK ULTRA, the CIA and military intelligence name for mind control. There were plans in California for the formation of a "Centre for the Study and reduction of Violence", based on the horrific work of Dr Jose Delgado and Drs Mark and Ervin and Dr Jolly West, all experts in the field of psychosurgery, implantation and tranquillisers. Dr Delgado told Congress he envisioned a day when workers and troops would be controlled from a far by electronic signals, unable to see why they wouldn't be far happier this way. The "target populations" selected as guinea pigs for this centre were the exact population of Jones' church and it was during the self same period that he founded his colony at Jonestown.

One regular feature of life at Jonestown was a weekly suicide drill. When Congressman Ryan came to investigate, it was decided that the experiment should be aborted, Ryan and his party were murdered and the suicide drill was implemented for real. It would appear that the population revolted however and 700 escaped while the other 400 were systematically injected with poison at gun point. The escaped 700 were rounded up, and brutally despatched. Jonestown is not the only such camp, Hilltown, run by Rabbi Emmanuel Hill is located only 25 miles south of Jonestown and is reported to run a similar regime. While many such camps have been reported in Chile, Guatemala and other parts of South America, all housing expatriate ethnic minorities and masquerading as religious communes.

Next time some religious nut hands you a pamphlet for a commune of love for Jesus, check to make sure they're not wearing Jackboots. Until next month, keep watching your backs.


Fellow paranoids, information needs to be free, and the more of us that campaign for its release the better. That is why I'm handing the pocket torch of exposition on to you. We want to hear what startling information you might have about the truth behind the half lies that are official history. Is there a cover up, a stitch up or a gross and hidden injustice that you know of and that demands wider public knowledge ? Then we want to hear from you. All theories on your favourite conspiracies should come with some reference to their source, they should be able to fit into the format of this column and be able to be clearly and fully expounded in 1,000 words or less. The five (UK VHS copies) most worthy, interesting and entertaining theories will be used in this column and will receive a copy of the excellent video 'Alferd Packer: The Musical' (reviewed this month in our film section), which if played backwards contains secret subliminal messages for social de-conditioning and if played forwards will provide hours of endless entertainment.

Mark all entries with the codeword 'It's a Conspiracy' and email us. Please remember to include your name - or codename - and an address to which we can send your prize. All information will be treated as confidential - SORRY THIS COMP iS NOW ENDED THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED.

Or why not try searching for the Jonestown Rugby song "Jonestown". An old favourite of upstate new york rugby clubs is this little gem sung to the tune of "Downtown."

When your down and your broke, and your religion's a joke, Why don't you go and see, Jim Jones

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