Marcus Austin sticks one hand in the air and the other down his underwear and prepares for a big night out with a few tasty singles.

Legacy - Boy don't miss the train

Massive builder, starts slow and keeps that way, brilliant keyboards and a smashing Massive Attack "safe from harm" vocal. The only thing that intrigues me is the chorus, does it really say "Nigel Nigel" ? Should be massive

Pauline Henry - Never Knew Love like this - Sony

Starts off trash but it's at least original trash then about two minutes in it just does a startling key change and changes to a howling dancefloor diva/swingbeat version of Alexander O Neil's "never knew love like this". I hate cover versions and I hate swing beat, but for some reason I don't hate this record. Probably because of the strength of the vocals, and it the way it starts to mash up the styles towards the end of the track. Nice try Pauline.

Leftfield - Release the pressure - Hard Hands

Taken from their excellent Leftism LP of early last year, Release the pressure has been remixed from the dire version on the LP, but as far as we're concerned it still stinks. A cross between dub and shamateur jungle the track never really kicks either way.

Goldbug - Whole Lotta love - Acid Jazz

A Pearl and Dean 'Da da da da da da, da da dah"Led Zep dance mixture from the label of the moment, sounds like a match made in heaven, well it would do if you were a rather sad a&r man from planet Soho. To me it sounds like the worst excesses of a sadly cocaine addled mind. Both this and the excereable Buckhetheads rehash of Brass Construction's Movin' should be taken out and burnt in their thousands.

Dubwar - Enemy Maker - Earache

Good track but really what makes this stand out above the rest of the crud this month is the jungle mix which positively makes the track hit all the right spots.

Chemical Brothers - Loops of Fury- Junior Boys Own

The much lauded group manage to put a whole EP of tracks together, that both inspire and send you to sleep at the same time. The brothers have their own sound which is unmistakable but it's also very samey. Listen to it in the clubs and listen to it on the radio but ignore the thing in the record shop it'll only disappoint you.

QFX - Every Time you touch me - Epidemic

The only decent track off Moby's hardcore noise LP 'Everything is wrong' is covered by rave 'supergroup' QFX. Good ravey chart friendly hands in the air Jam and Spoon Eurotastic stuff, but checkout Moby's remix LP if you want to hear how it's done properly.

The revolutionary corps of Teenage Jesus V's Suicide - Frankie Teardrop - Creeping Bent

The father of techno music Alan Vega's Frankie Teardrop sampled and remixed by Stephen Lironi (of Blackgrape and Altered Images) . It sounds bloody good to hear ole Suicide records again, but I'm not sure if that's just my old Punk sentimentality, or if it is genuinely good, only the charts will tell.

Judy Cheeks - Reach - Positiva

remix of the almost club classic, which should have been massive the first time around. I hate all this remix stuff why can't anyone write new stuff , although having said that Tommy Musto does a damn fine job of resurrecting this to new heights.

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