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Our own Sculley and Mulder mixed up in one Captain W E Paranoia investigates Jack the Ripper, was he really a......

A lot of people ask me why I wage a never ending war against the lies, deceptions and purposeful distractions that bind the real truth like pernicious chains. Why not forget this obsession with uncovering the truth, get a job, find a girl, settle down and live a comfortable slow death. After all, conspiracy theorists are at best considered cranks or out casts in our society. At worst they disappear with out trace or die in suspect and mysterious circumstances. Why cause myself such misery, I'm never going to be happy if I frustrate myself trying to expose the lies about events about events I'm powerless to change.

If you're reading this column, chances are you already know the answers to most of those questions. For the above is merely the socially conditioned response to any person who attempts to challenge the officially sanctioned view of contemporary and historical events. It's a script we're made to learn by heart and repeat at the slightest sign of our brains being stretched or our eyes being opened. Because we're easier to control that way. Instead we're supposed to slip into a numb coma of contentment over our jobs our possessions and the affairs of non existent soap opera characters. Till our slumber becomes so deep we don't notice when one morning we wake up emotionless automatons, our bodies minds and souls snatched by those in power.

This month I implore you to wake up and smell the coffee about.



The known and accepted facts of the Ripper case are so widely covered in other publications that I wont waste time reiterating them here. What isn't so publicised however, is the links between the murders and Masonic ritual punishment.

The cause of death in all five of the murders attributed to the ripper was a left to right knife stroke across neck. In various levels of Masonic initiation, initiates are made to mime the penalty for anyone who violates the oaths or betrays the order. The mime is cutting their throat from left to right.

Exact information is only available regarding the state of three of the five victims. But a pathologists report regarding the corpse of the second victim states: 'The intestines, severed from from their mesenteric attachments, had been lifted out of the body and placed on the shoulder of the corpse.' This was also the case in the other two well documented murders, Catherine Eddowes and Marie Kelly. Consider this then in light of the following description of how to deal with traitorous Master Masons '... by the breast being torn open and the heart and vitals being taken out and placed over the left shoulder.' (Eugh -Ed)

The condition of the corpses of both Eddowes and Kelly is almost perfectly represented in an engraving by Hogarth. William Hogarth was one of the first people to expose the cruel working of the Masons. In 'The Reward of Cruelty' he shows three Masons exacting the self same retribution that was wreaked upon Kelly and Eddowes.

One of the nick names used by the press to describe the ripper at the time was 'Leather Apron'. This parallels a description of a sacred Masonic vestment also referred to as a leather apron but actual made of lamb skin.

A portion of the cloth apron worn by Catherine Eddowes was cut off by the murderer of murderers and then later found in the passage of Wentworth Dwellings (so that's where Prisoner of cell block H got it's name from - ED) . A message was scrawled in chalk on the wall behind. The Juwes are
The men That
.Will not
be Blamed
for nothing

This might appear to be the illiterate scrawl of a deranged anti-semite, and this is the most commonly held view of the message. This does not hold up however when you consider the importance of the use of double negatives in Masonic ritual speak and the Juwes is the name given in Masonic lore to the three traitorous apprentice Masons who killed the revered original Master Builder Hiram Abiff.

These parallels are all very well, but you may be asking yourself what relevance they have to the Ripper case. Consider then the following facts:


In his book, Jack the Ripper, the Final Solution, the late author Stephen Knight tells a story that Joseph Sickert was told by his father, the famous painter Walter Sickert and then allegedly passed on to a BBC reporter. Walter Sickert was a close friend of Prince Edward son of Prince Albert and then heir to the English throne. It was while visiting Sickert that the hell raising Prince Eddy, as he was known, met and fell in love with Anne Elizabeth Crook. Crook was a member of the then despised Roman Catholic minority and a commoner to boot, in spite of this she and the prince fell in love, were in a secret ceremony at Saviours Chapel and even bore a child Alice Margaret.

Upon discovering this calamitous match the Royal family were quick to take drastic measures to cover it up. The couple were arrested in a police raid and Crook spent her remaining days confined to work houses and mental institutions. Marie Kelly, Crook's close friend and the last victim of the Ripper is said to have fled with the child and hid in a convent. Her eventual sad fate is well documented, but the child was taken by Sickert and placed in the care of his relatives.


According to Knight, the reason for the murders was that Kelly and three cohorts were trying to blackmail the throne with the threat of exposure. The revelation of such a liaison would have been seen as disastrous for the throne at the time, especially in such a climate of unrest and discontent with the ruling classes and socialism on the rise. Any threat to the throne was perceived as a threat to Freemasonry. Generally considered to be one of the secret powers behind the throne at the time, if the Royal Family fell so did the Masons and this was something that men of such great influence could not brook.

The man entrusted with the disposal of the four women was Sir William Gull, Physician Ordinary to Queen Victoria. His previous services to the Queen included signing the document certifying Anne Elizabeth Crook insane and performing several royal abortions. Gull was a prominent Mason and his Masonic vows along with his connections to the throne would have given him all the necessary motivation to perform the hard task. Couple this with the physician like skill with which all reports state the corpses were mutilated and we might just have found the perfect candidate (or candidates) for one of histories most puzzling enigmas, who was Jack the Ripper.

Could anyone possibly come up with a more sordid and bizarre story concerning, sex, murder, Masonic ritual, class retribution and corrupt monarchy, I think not. If truth is stranger than fiction what better vindication for the authenticity of tale could you find.


Our competition from last month is still open fellow paranoids, information needs to be free, and the more of us that campaign for its release the better. That is why I'm handing the pocket torch of exposition on to you. We want to hear what startling information you might have about the truth behind the half lies that are official history. Is there a cover up, a stitch up or a gross and hidden injustice that you know of and that demands wider public knowledge ? Then we want to hear from you. All theories on your favourite conspiracies should come with some reference to their source, they should be able to fit into the format of this column and be able to be clearly and fully expounded in 1,000 words or less. The five (UK VHS copies) most worthy, interesting and entertaining theories will be used in this column and will receive a copy of the excellent video 'Alferd Packer: The Musical' (reviewed last month in our film section), which if played backwards contains secret subliminal messages for social de-conditioning and if played forwards will provide hours of endless entertainment. If you want a sneak peek of the movie look at

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