Dance reviews

Natural borne grooves -Forerunner Now I like happy house and this is a good example of the genre, played down somewhere like Glitterati at the Cross or at Vague it goes down a bomb. Good bounce, goes like a racehorse at Ascot heading for the final fence, it's got swing, keyboards but not cheesy I love it.

Tatabox inhibitors - Protein Nice chuff chuff train rhythm, but it doesn't hit the spot, it just goes on and on, and you think "is it never going to stop" ? The problem is, it never does.

Shamen - Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor remix)

It's got the guys (hey boys, where's the girls ?) on UK Dance going, they either hate it or love it death, we love it, shades of Josh Wink in there, and at the moment that can't be a bad thing since Josh is God in the rage office.

Marg NRG - In my brain

"House nation" on a tribal acid kick or is it "alsatian " can't really tell, don't really care. Wobbles my teeth, shivers my spine, loud it's good, mixed in with other things it's brilliant.

Signs of life - It's your life

Mellow soul with that jungle beat, and a bit of acid chucked in, from a very diverse bunch of people. Play it before you go out, and play it when you come back (to Earth) but don't ask the DJ for it. Almost lovers rock in it's roots, is this yet another new crossover ?

Earthling - Echo on my mind

F**k it's mellow city round here break out the valium, what's up with these people do they think we stay in for the winter and curl up with some cocoa and a good read. No we do not, we just go indoors. Nice tune, nice band, but frankly it doesn't do much for me, I'm trying to convince the rest of the office that this is the music for the next Horlicks ad and it's really not taking too much persuasion. File under mellow rap, dull yet worthy division.

Dreadzone - Maximum

This comes over all nice then gives a kick like a mule. Studio one dub keyboards over a speed freak beat, militant samples, single of the month, buy it now, not in anyway like Fight the power but great never the less, stick the bass on max and the treble on max reverb.

Dee Patten - Who's the badman

Ragga toast "Who's the badman" over a reggae bass with a jungle rhythm played on what sounds like a real tom-tom played by what sounds like a real person, hey real people, I thought they'd gone out of fashion. Truly wonderful joint single of the week with Dreadzone, it's new and I like new..

Audioweb - Sleeper

They're out of Manchester and they're pop with a capital I, they want to be pop but they're pop from an indie angle, and in my book that always gets at least five out of ten. Martin Vocal, Sean on Bass, Colin on Guitar make a melange of reggae and indie guitar. The nearest I can get is a cross between. McAlmont and Butler, Black Grape and Primal Scream. Martin's voice is very feminine which is strange since it's coming from a big mean looking guy who talks with a Barry White deep voice. Colin's guitar sound is very Scream like and gives the songs a real dance grundge base, eight out of ten.

Celvin Rotane - Let's find out

Play this at the end of your set and they'll be eating out of your hand, it's a "lets get them up there and keep them up there track«, one I'd rush to the floor for. Fast furious, slow, fast furious and a little bit trancey, the only thing that bugs me is rather nasty keyboard break, still we all know what mixing desks are for don't we ?

Disco Citizens -Right here right now

Pooooooh what's that pong ! Decidedly Danish with thick blue veins of keyboards and vocals, lend us your handbag girls.

C&C music factory - I'll always be around

Now that wasn't "pump it up" as in "pump up the jam" I just heard was it ? Yes it bloody was, get this away from me Satan, lost the plot prize of the week.

Wildchild - Renegade Master

Dull, boring, dull, and uninspiring reminds me of Belgian New Beat without the sex, and the talent.

Star Dancer - Red Planet

Real instruments, real instruments come to me, rhythm guitars get out there and get funky. This is the only track I know of that features air horns, that actually sound like they've been tuned. Now make this the last in your set and you'll never go home alive.

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