Rage issue 6 - October 1995

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Doom2 Megatripolis Wad files.

If you are a super destructive Doom addict don't miss taking a look at this Doom-like construction of the inside of London nightclub Heaven, which hosts a cyber-punk rave every thursday. Download this 1.2 Mb file and you can whiz around Heaven's many chambers from the comfort of your own armchair and you don't even have to queue to get in. Plus, bet the beers in your fridge were a load cheaper!

If after checking out Adrian's funky site you feel wadged up and inspired one thursday come on down to Megatripolis - there is usually someone from Rage editorial thrashing kids at Doom in the Net corner or propping up the bar!! Beers are on you.

Megatripolis is at Heaven, Under the Arches, behind Charing Cross Station. Usually around a fiver to get in before 11 pm.

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